Qingxin Flower Map

Qingxin Location & Where To Find | Genshin Impact - GameWith

Details: May 30, 2022  · Qingxin flower is a Specialty material in Genshin Impact 2.6. This guide includes farming locations, interactive map, route, how to find, and where to find Qingxin!

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Teyvat Interactive Map

Details: Jun 13, 2022  · 135 Qingxin 77 Small Lamp Grass 213 Violetgrass 37 Cecilia 14 Silk Flower 53 Dandelion Seed 39 Glaze Lily 50 Philanemo Mushroom 159 Cor Lapis 33 Wolfhook 52 Noctilucous Jade 73 ... The map not only marks the location of important materials, resources, monsters, and elemental oculi, but also supports 13 languages~ ...

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Sweet Flower - Genshin Impact Wiki

Details: Particularly fragrant flowers. They can be easily located, even in the dark, thanks to their sweet scent. Commonly used in Teyvat to make sugar. Sweet Flowers are a Cooking Ingredient commonly found in the wild all over Teyvat. Sweet Flowers grow on grassy terrains throughout Teyvat and are commonly found in all regions. See the Video Guides section or the Teyvat …

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Flower Of Farsight Location & How To Get | Genshin Impact

Details: May 08, 2022  · Flower of Farsight is a Quests material needed for The Millennial Mountains Quest in Genshin Impact 2.6. ... It is easily obtained without any puzzles. Head to the specified location on the map above. Tips For Getting The Flower. No. Procedure; 1: Go to the topmost part of the Cinnabar Cliff . Click to Enlarge ... Pick up the Qingxin and it ...

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Silk Flower - Genshin Impact Wiki

Details: Silk Flowers are a Local Specialty of Liyue found near Wangshu Inn and in Liyue Harbor. Silk Flowers grow in pairs on small red bushes. They are found exclusively at the base of Wangshu Inn and in the flowerbeds of Yujing Terrace, Liyue Harbor's upper residential area. Just like any other local speciality, Silk Flowers will respawn 48 hours from time of harvest. See the gallery …

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Genshin Impact Interactive Map | Map Genie

Details: Genshin Impact Interactive Map of Teyvat - All locations, Anemoculi, Geoculi, Waypoints, Chests, Quests & more! ... Mist Flower 0. Mushroom 0. Naku Weed 0. Noct. Jade 0. Onikabuto 0. Other Resource 0. Phil. Mushroom 0. Qingxin 0. Radiant Spincrystal 0. Raw Meat 0. Sakura Bloom 0. Sango Pearl 0. Sea Ganoderma 0. Seagrass 0. Silk Flower 0 ...

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